Why HeidiEatsALot?

Welcome to my site! I'm thrilled to finally have a platform for my consulting services and to create this window into my HeidiEatsALot world. 

What started as a goofy handle I made up in 2006 when signing up for this wacky new thing called Twitter has now evolved to mean so many things to me. True, the obvious definition is that I, Heidi Brown, eat a lot. That will always be the case. However, if you think of the word "eating" as consuming, devouring, ingesting, appreciating, etc., I like to apply that to my ethos for life--to take a big bite out of it and experience everything to its fullest, and to work passionately and tirelessly for the industry that I love. Moreover, I am A LOT. I do A LOT. I am a big personality and can't help but apply excitement and enthusiasm into everything I do.

I've been told more than once to change HeidiEatsALot to something more mature, professional. But why would I change something that encompasses so much about me, my philosophy, my approach not only to life but to my business and my approach to helping others achieve their goals?

I hope you enjoy my site and future blogs. Let's EatALot together!